Saudi Arabia employer reaches out to Diana Chepkemoi’s family as the agent who facilitated the contract speaks

Saudi Arabia employer reaches out to Diana Chepkemoi’s family as the agent who facilitated the move to the Gulf country responds.

The family of Diana Chepkemoi, a Kenyan student who had been imprisoned in Saudi Arabia, has disclosed a terrifying phone call with the employer who had contacted them on behalf of their kin.

Chepkemoi’s sister, Lorrain Cheptoo, said in an interview with Citizen TV that the employer had rejected the harassment claims and described the 24-year-old student as a persistent complainer who looked for justifications to avoid going to work.

However, Cheptoo insisted that her sister’s health had declined because she was working under duress.

“You could tell something was wrong, she said the boss was mistreating her, she was ill, couldn’t access hospital and her health was deteriorating quickly. The boss would only give her painkillers,” she stated. 

The sister pointed out that different agencies took action only after Chepkemoi’s story caused widespread condemnation and uproar after her photos surfaced online capturing her desperate state. 

She confirmed that her sister would be returning to the country as she awaits her visa to be processed. 

Meanwhile, Susan Makungu, the agent who facilitated Chepkemoi’s employment in Saudi Arabia condemned the actions against the 24-year-student. 

She highlighted that her past attempts to rescue Chepkemoi were curtailed by the employer. 

“I was ready to pay for the air ticket, I was waiting for foreign affairs and the Kenyan embassy to go to the house and give her an exit. She is not lying she is speaking the truth, she is sick and they are mistreating her,” Makungu stated. 

Chepkemoi’s case highlights one of the many situations that several Kenyans face after traveling to Gulf countries in search of greener pastures. 

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