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Shock as 89-year-old woman is raped by a neighbour

Middle aged neighbour rapes 89-year-old woman while having a dinner in her home where she lives alone.

Nakuru County police are looking into a disturbing incident where an 89-year-old woman was allegedly sexually assaulted by her middle-aged neighbor.

According to reports, the elderly woman was attacked on Wednesday night at her house while she was having dinner.

The attacker allegedly entered her home through the main gate and then persuaded the single woman to give him permission to enter her residence. 

The man is then said to have assaulted the woman and locked the main gate from outside before fleeing the scene.

Her son noted that the woman did not wake up in the morning as normal.

Suspicion was heightened by the barred gate, so the son broke into his mother’s house only to find her writhing in pain.

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The woman was admitted to the hospital, receiving care for injuries sustained to her face and pelvic area, with doctors recommending reconstructive surgery.

“She was wheeled to the theatre, where doctors performed surgery. She is in a stable condition and responding well to treatment, we are still monitoring her. She will be discharged in the next three days. We have filled the P3 form as police investigate the incident,” a doctor handling the matter told the Nation.

Police are currently pursuing the suspect who reportedly forgot his phone at the scene of crime when he fled. 

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