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Man beaten to death for stabbing estranged girlfriend after break up

Man beaten to death by an angry mob in Murang’a for stabbing estranged girlfriend after break up.

According to reports, the man who hails from Gatanga had travelled to his lover’s home in Gichagi-ini, Maragua Ridge Constituency, Murang’a county, with the intent to kill her. 

However, he was lynched by a mob in Maragua Ridge in Murang’a. 

The estranged man is said to have first tried to attack the mother of the girlfriend who was on the farm but was stopped by people who were nearby.

He then went ahead to the girl’s homestead where he stabbed her causing life-threatening wounds. 

Before the man showed up at the girls’ home, the two lovers had broken up for over a year. 

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The lady has since been taken to Muranga Level Five Hospital where she receives treatment.

The girl’s mother confirming the incident stated that the man stabbed her daughter five times in the ribs.

Additionally, witnesses claim that the man had unidentified drugs in his pocket.

Such magnitude have already been documented in the county of Murang’a.

In Gaturo village, Murang’a County, in November, a man killed his mother during a fight over a plate of food, and the enraged villagers lynched him.

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