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Shock as football player stabs fan to death after being mocked

Football player stabs fan to death in Siaya after getting tired of being mocked on the field.

Police in Siaya have launched investigations after a 25-year-old man, a football fan was killed during a football match on Christmas Eve.

While confirming the incident, the area assistant chief noted that Vincent Odhiambo, a bodaboda operator at Mbolori, died after being stabbed by Denis, a football player from the Osoro football team, after he was unable to withstand his mocking.

Eyewitnesses said Odhiambo was in the company of two colleagues when he was watching the football game between Busia and Osoro teams at the Osoro Primary School playing field.

The trio left to sip alcohol at a nearby den and on coming back, they got the sad news that they had been thrashed 2-1.

Supporters invaded the pitch and began mocking players, Odhiambo followed suit angering Denis who reacted by stabbing him in the stomach.

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The deceased later succumbed to his injuries at Rabar Health Centre.

“Hii ni team Bure kabisa, hata hawa walkover wanawashinda,” the supporters chanted.

Shortly after the incident, the deceased’s bodaboda colleagues ganged up and stormed the home of the assailant and torched four houses belonging to his mother and brothers.

“I was alerted that the bodaboda riders were burning the homes and livestock. I could not restrain them. However, I made distress calls to police officers who arrived at the scene but the angry bodaboda riders had reduced the houses to ashes,” the chief added.

The family of the suspect flew home at night to escape the blood-baying persons and were forced to seek refuge in the neighbourhood on Christmas Day.

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