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Storm in Kenya Kwanza as affiliate parties accuse Ruto of favoring UDA in state appointments

Kenya Kwanza affiliate parties are now accusing President William Ruto of favoring UDA in state appointments.

Affiliate parties of the Kenya Kwanza Alliance have accused President William Ruto of favoring the UDA party in his appointments.

Even though some of the parties did poorly in the general election in August, the parties contend that they should participate in decision-making as they collectively ran campaigns for the Kenya Kwanza government.

In an interview with The Sunday Nation, Democratic Party (DP) Secretary-General Jacob Ali Haji charged President Ruto with not involving the Kenya Kwanza parties as was the case before to the General Election.

He added that those made have only favored UDA and not the other parties forming Kenya Kwanza.

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Ali Haji added that it could be the beginning of the end of the Kenya Kwanza coalition as affiliate parties are not happy with appointments to government and parastatal jobs “but are afraid to speak”.

“Decisions are being made by one party but we were equal partners during the signing of the Kenya Kwanza agreement. We did everything together to help Ruto win. Things changed after the election,”

“How will the alliance work when there are no meetings? The coalition caucus has never been convened. We are disappointed because UDA dominates everything.” said Dr. Haji. 

Haji questioned the logic of appointing individuals “who played no role in the building of the current government although many individuals sacrificed their goals for the purpose of Dr. Ruto succeeding President Uhuru Kenyatta”.

“Mr. Michael Kamau was nowhere. We never saw him during the campaigns but he has landed a job. Those of us who worked very hard are still in the cold. DP and other Kenya Kwanza affiliate parties are not being considered,” he said.

Haji asked President Ruto to convene an urgent meeting with the 19 Kenya Kwanza political parties to address the issue. 

“It is a tradition for coalition parties across the world to meet. How will Kenya Kwanza survive? We are confused and don’t know who to approach on this issue. We have never been invited to some of these meetings. Decisions are being made by only one side. It is time we began considering our stay in this union.”

“It would be prudent if opportunities are shared with parties in the Kenya Kwanza coalition,” the DP secretary-general said. 

Kenya Kwanza Alliance has three founder members: UDA, Amani National Congress (ANC), and Ford Kenya.

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