June 14, 2024

The bizarre story of the transfer window during which a player was sold for 500kg of pork

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Bizarre story of the transfer window during which a player was sold for 500kg of pork rather than for a monetary value.

In 1998, Ion Radu was sold by Second Division side Jiul Petrosani to Valcea. 

The fee, though, is where things took a turn for the bizarre. The unusual thing is that the player wasn’t sold for a monetary value!

Rather than being sold for money, Radu was sold for 500 kg of pork. 

With a value of £1750, Jiul Petrosani stated at the time that rather than having a good old pig roast, they would try to sell on the pork to pay players’ wages.

Romanian football team once bought a player for 15kg of pork sausages.

Marius Cioara once commanded one of the strangest transfer fees in recent memory when he moved from UT Arad to Regal Hornia.

Romanian side Regal Hornia signed Marius Cioara from UT Arad for the curious fee of 15 kilos of pork sausages.

However, the deal didn’t last long, as the very next day, Cioara decided to hang up his boots in embarrassment.

A local newspaper quoted Cioara as saying: “The sausage taunts all got too much; they were joking, but I would have got more from the Germans, and making sausage jokes was a huge insult.

“I have decided to go to Spain, where I have got a job on a farm.”

Regal Hornia, who had given up on their weekly allowance’ of sausages, asked for the food back.

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