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Ruto Takes “Hatupangwingwi” Campaign Slogan to USA 

“Hatupangwingwi Campaign Slogan”

William Ruto has taken the “hatupangwingwi” campaign slogan to the USA.

On an official tour of the United States of America (USA), Deputy President William Ruto has emphasized the need of free and fair elections.

The second in command stated in a speech at Loyola University in Maryland that the major issue in Kenya’s election is the lack of democracy.

The DP stated during the March 2 session that voters do not have the ability to make free choices free of threats, extortion, and intimidation.

This, according to Ruto, has influenced the present campaign by Kenyans wanting the freedom to make their own decisions, dubbed ‘hatupangwingwi.’

“…that is the matter that is on the ballot, a matter that many Kenyas, in fact if you understand a little bit of Swahili, that is what informs the current push by Kenyans to say ‘hatupangwingwi’ meaning, we want to make our own choices without being intimidated, choreographed or blackmailed,” said Ruto. 

This was ostensibly in response to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s accusation that he was imposing his handpicked successor on Kenyans ahead of the August 9 General Election.

The president has been rallying support for ODM leader Raila Odinga, whom he claims has Kenyans’ best interests at heart and is the greatest candidate to succeed him.

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