June 20, 2024

Three Voters File Suit to Bar William Ruto from Vying for Presidency

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Three voters have petitioned the Kisumu High Court to prevent Deputy President William Ruto from running in the coming presidential election.

The group wants the court to rule that Ruto’s office is inextricably linked to the President’s office, which is limited to two ten-year terms.

The petitioners, identified as Peter Alaro, Cornel Otieno Onyango, and Ali Otula Sule, stated that the president’s constitutional term limit of two terms requires the deputy president to retire with him.

The voters claim that after the presidency in which he served expires, the deputy president is ineligible to run for any elective office.

“We went to the court to seek clarification of certain articles of laws. Since Kenya is a constitutional state, where we must conduct ourselves within the dictates of the law, we have discovered that there are so many things which have been taking place in this country which are not consistent with the law,” one of the petitioners told the press. 

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