June 14, 2024

Mudavadi Denied His Late Mother Hannah for Political Reasons, Cyrus Jirongo

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Cyrus Jirongo, a former Lugari MP, has slammed Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi for his recent political remarks.

Mudavadi stated during a campaign trip to Baringo county on Wednesday, January 27, that his mother was from the area and that he was one of the locals.

“I want to remind you. I am one of your own. I was born here and my mother Rosebella Cherono comes from here in Ravine. I know my uncles Gilbert Chemitei and Douglas Chemite are somewhere here in the crowd,” he stated. 

In response to Mudavadi’s words, Jirongo stated that the former vice president was being rude by disowning his biological mother, Mama Hannah Atsianzale.

“Politics is making you disown your biological mother Hannah to an extent that you start referring to your stepmother Mama Rosebella Cherono as your biological mother. We know your mother is Hannah. This is shameful,” he said. 

Jirongo also chastised Musalia for criticizing President Uhuru Kenyatta’s family, alleging that they do not pay taxes. “They are tax evaders.

They are the most significant burden that Kenyans must bear. In this year’s elections, we must reject their political projects and nefarious plots “The ANC’s leader addressed the gathering.

The Goldenberg saga According to Jirongo, Mudavadi, who was Finance Minister at the time of the Goldenberg scandal that shook Kenya, had the arrogance to lecture Kenyans on corruption.

He went on to say that the massive scam’s face, Kamlesh Pattni, had even given Musalia an apartment in Riverside, where he now resides.

“The economy was destroyed by two politicians and one Indian national. And those who do not believe me can research on house ownership to confirm whether or not Mudavadi’s house initially belonged to Kamlesh Pattni. You can’t lecture Kenyans about corruption when you share a podium with the corrupt,” he added. 

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