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Man loses cool Sh2.1m from the car during stopover at Busia hotel

Suspects recorded on CCTV cameras breaking into a man’s car and taking Sh2.14 million that he’d taken from a local bank are being sought by police in Busia.

On Friday, January 28, the victim, 47, was staying at Western Ambiance Hotel in Bumala, Butula Sub-County, when the burglars struck.

The money was in the man’s Toyota Premio, which he’d driven from the bank where he’d made the withdrawal.

“After [the brief stopover], he continued with his journey. Shortly after take-off, he was taken aback after realising a second bag containing Sh144,000 in cash, that was in the rear seat, was missing. Amidst hope that the worst had not happened, he pulled over and went for the larger sum in the trunk, only to find the bag gone,” the DCI said in a statement on Twitter on Saturday, January 29.

According to authorities, the victim lost Sh2.14 million in total.

The victim did a U-turn after realizing his funds had been stolen and went to the Western Ambiance Hotel to get CCTV records.

“The footage had captured the occupants of an unestablished car make [of] registration number KCM 948U use a key to gain ingress into the victim’s car, before walking back to their vehicle carrying two bags and driving off,” said the DCI.

The victim, thereafter, filed a report at a nearby police station.

“On receiving the report, detectives processed the scene and commenced [a] hunt for the criminals. 

“They (police) lost track of the hoodlums after the registration plates from the suspicious car were discovered thrown on the side of the road,” added the DCI.

Police say they are using “other forensic leads to pursue the perpetrators, as we seek to establish the victim’s reason for carrying the huge sum [of money] for a long distance”.

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