Tob Cohen Family Ordered to Surrender His Estate in 2 Weeks to Estranged Wife

Tob Cohen family (the late Dutch businessman), has been ordered to surrender his estate in two weeks’ time.

The injunction was obtained after his estranged wife, Sarah Wairimu Kamotho Cohen, filed an affidavit accusing his family of trying to keep her out of his fortune.

Bernard and Gabriel Cohen were urged by the court to give his inheritance to Wairimu, who claimed she was the real owner, according to the court’s affidavit.

Wairimu claimed that the Tob Cohen family was supposedly named executor, executrix, and trustees, but that the Will did not mention them as the estate’s beneficiaries.

Wairimu gave the Cohen family fifteen days to surrender the estate, which is valued at Ksh400 million, to her through her lawyers.

“It further appears by the said Affidavit that the said deceased died leaving a surviving spouse, issue or parent and that the said Sarah Wairimu Kamotho Cohen is the lawful spouse of the deceased and one of the persons entitled to share in his undisposed of Estate,” the court documents read in part.

“Now this is to direct you that the said Bernard Cohen and Gabriele Hannah Van Stratten Cohen, within fifteen days after service hereof, on you do cause an appearance to be entered for you either in the Principal Registry and accept or refuse probate of the said will or show cause why letters of administration with the said will be annexed of all the Estate which by law devolves to and vests in the personal representative of the Deceased should not be granted to the said Sarah Wairimu Kamotho Cohen.”

The Cohen family was also warned that if they fail to come and accept and extract the probate of the Will, the court may proceed to give Wairimu letters of administration with the Will even if Cohen’s relatives are not present.

The late Dutchman’s family was given a huge setback in December 2021 when the High Court temporarily barred his relatives from accessing and distributing his estate.

The late Cohen’s inheritance will remain unchanged until two contested Wills are decided, according to Justice Mugure Thande.

After an application by his wife Sarah Wairimu to challenge the grant that had been made to Bernard and Gabriel Cohen assuming control of the late Dutchman’s estate was allowed, the Judge suspended the grant.

The succession case of the late tycoon took a new twist after it emerged that there were two contradicting Wills. 

Wairimu had accused Bernard of failing to present the original Will to the court as required under Rule 7(5) of the Probate and Administration Rules section 51(3) of the law of succession Act. 

She added that since the copy of the last Will of the deceased Bernard presented in court was not an authentic copy.

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