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Tone down your public attacks on Uhuru, Ruto warned

Ruto warned by the ODM party to tone down his public attacks on former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

ODM Deputy Party Leader, Wycliffe Oparanya has warned that President William Ruto’s public attacks on his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta and other utterances could trigger divisions among Kenyans.

President Ruto has “forgotten that the president is a symbol of national unity,” Mr. Oparanya said.

Oparanya mourned the unhealthful reversals of important policy decisions where the idea of communal responsibility would have been allowed to flourish as well as the ongoing expansion of hostilities against Uhuru.

“It is because of this action that I ask the president to allow his predecessor to enjoy his retirement in peace instead of directing his arsenal on him to portray him as a failed Head of State yet they run the government and made policies and other decisions together as his deputy,” he said.

He claimed that the attacks are happening in circumstances where one should anticipate the President to display greater patriotism and defend the reputation of his predecessor.

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“All these indicators point to the fact we have an administration bent on practicing bad divisive politics at the expense of all the promises made,” he said.

“Persistent attacks on the former President are by all means diversionary tactics to distract Kenyans from demanding that the Kenya kwanza government implements its promises to citizens,” adding that Azimio supporters are yet to come to terms with the outcome of the bungled Elections, Oparaya said they have not even recovered from the way IEBC conducted the elections.

Oparanya said the events that happened at Bomas of Kenya and the way former IEBC chairperson Wafula Chebukati declared the presidential results were suspect.

“But the president is worsening the situation by making a grave allegation of alleged plans by then his competitors to abduct Chebukati and force announcement of the presidential results in favour of Azimio,” Oparanya said in a statement.

“Surprisingly Mr Chebukati has gone public and confirmed the president’s allegations and gone ahead to ask the Head of State to form a tribunal to investigate the matter.”

The ex-governor said he was reminding the president and Chebukati that “Kenyans are not fools and cannot buy the naked lies they were spreading”.

“In fact, their actions are a scheme to justify their actions at Bomas of Kenya during the chaotic announcement of the presidential results,” he said.

The Ex-governor questioned why Chebukati did not bother to record a statement with police if his life was in danger then.

He claimed that the timing of the charge was incorrect and that it not only damaged the nation’s delicate social fabric but also carried a high risk of explosion as it moved toward what he called another unknowable but potentially gloomy future.

“I, therefore, ask the president to desist from making a such divisive statement because they affect the healing process and urge his administration to quickly recognize the essence of reuniting a heavily divided country,” Oparanya said.

The former governor observed that there is little talk about the bottom-up lifting of masses or greatly suppressed economy but unending attacks on the past administration.

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