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TSC explains selective hiring of teachers

TSC explains selective hiring of teachers after questions were raised by the members of parliament in the ongoing recruitment.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) refuted reports of selective hiring in the ongoing recruitment of teachers.

TSC CEO Nancy Macharia assured the National Assembly Committee on Education on Tuesday, December 13, that the TSC recruitment process has always been free and fair.

“On the recruitment of teachers, let me say this – the MPs have no role at all as the headquarters are conducting it at the sub-county level,” Macharia stated

She did, however, admit that some shrewd individuals take advantage of the country’s high unemployment rate on a regular basis to issue forged letters to teachers.

Macharia told the MPs that the commission had strict recruitment procedures in place, and that several TSC officers who had previously been found to have engaged in graft had been fired.

“We have requested assistance from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), and we also urge committee members to forward any such cases to us for action,” Macharia stated.

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The TSC CEO additionally revealed to the commission that TSC intended to promote more than 15,000 teachers. 

“We have an appraisal. “If a teacher has provided excellent service, he or she should be promoted automatically after three years because it is their right,” Macharia stated.

Macharia stated that the commission planned to distribute teachers equally across the counties.

“All of our funds will be used to hire teachers for Junior Secondary School, allowing us to have at least one teacher per class. 

“In terms of teacher allocation, we will allocate an equal number to each county based on the decision of this House,” Macharia affirmed.

However, the committee members objected, claiming that different counties did not have the same number of schools and that distributing an equal number of principals would be ineffective.

The National Assembly’s education committee questioned the commission’s intended criteria for deploying the 35000 teachers set for recruitment.

It accused the commission of engaging in unethical hiring practices, such as grouping graduates who graduated more than a decade ago with those who graduated recently, giving the latter group an unfair advantage.

It demanded assurances from TSC that the recruitment process would be free and fair.

In a notice distributed Friday, December, TSC announced vacancies for 9,000 permanent and pensionable secondary school teachers and 1,000 primary school tutors. In addition, 21,550 junior secondary school teacher interns and 4,000 primary school teacher interns will be hired.

TSC needs a budget of Ksh1.4 billion to promote more than 15000 teachers, a process that has been hampered by the compressed school calendar.

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