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TSC release training dates for junior secondary school teachers

TSC (Teachers Service Commission) will this January 2023 begin training teachers who will teach junior secondary school (JSS).

The retooling process will begin in January in preparation for the January rollout of grade 7 classes.

The Commission plans to train a total of 116,024 teachers.

According to TSC 60,000, secondary school teachers have already been trained extensively in the competency-based curriculum (CBC). 

In May of last year, junior secondary teachers were trained.

Many primary school teachers will be involved in the upcoming training of Grade 7 teachers.

This comes after the announcement that junior secondary schools will be hosted in existing primary schools for all Grade 6 pupils who took the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA).

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Teachers with degrees, diplomas, and TPD certifications who are qualified to teach in junior secondary have already been subjected to an audit by TSC.

The TSC will work with the Ministry of Education and the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) on how to educate grade 7 teachers, according to Hussein Mohammed, the State House Spokesperson.

“The Ministry of Education, Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, and the Teachers Service Commission will work on modalities of fast-tracking retooling teachers to ensure the country has sufficient numbers who are compliant with CBC. Priority will be given to those teachers who will be handling Grade Seven learners,” said the State House spokesperson.

The training will be aimed at all teachers in grades 7, 8, and 9 from both public (regular and SNE) and private schools.

The Commission intends to train teachers in the areas of languages, pure sciences, applied sciences, mathematics, humanities, and technology.

These subjects and areas offered in the junior secondary school part will be included in the training of Grade 7 teachers.

  1. Languages – English, Kiswahili, Foreign and Indigenous Languages, and Kenya Sign Language.
  2. Pure Sciences -Integrated Science Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Health Education.
  3. Applied Sciences – Agriculture, Home science and computer studies
  4.  Mathematics.
  5. Humanities – Social Studies (Citizenship, Geography, History) Religious Studies, (CRE, IRE, Hindu, HRE, and PPI), and life skills.
  6. Technical subjects and Creative Arts – Pre-vocational and pre-career Business studies, music, sports, and physical education Home science.

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