May 24, 2024

UEFA Champions League Draw – Find Out Opponents and Dates

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UEFA Champions League draw for quarter-finals took place from UEFA Headquarters in Switzerland on Friday morning (11 am GMT).

This season’s best eight teams were keen to plot their route to the final with the semi-final matches also being drawn.

Champions League Quarter Finalists


Manchester City


Real Madrid

Atletico Madrid

Bayern Munich



Official UEFA Champions League draw for quarter-finals

Chelsea-Real Madrid  

Manchester City-Atletico Madrid  

Villarreal-FC Bayern  


Quarter-final first legs will be played on 5th/6th April with the return legs on 12th/13th April.

The semi-final first legs will take place on 26th/27th April with the second legs on 3rd/4th May.

The Champions League final will take place on Saturday, 28th May in Paris.

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