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Uhuru-Raila handshake gave birth to corruption; Ruto

Handshake between president Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga gave birth to corruption in Kenya, DP Ruto has said.

He said this while speaking at a meeting with the European Business Council Kenya at the Village Market in Nairobi County.

The council is an umbrella group of business associations drawn from 17 European countries.

“It [the handshake] eliminated the opposition and any form of oversight,” he explained.

Through the handshake, he argued, big-time corruption was born in Kenya.

He noted that he was committed to institutionalizing and constitutionalizing the Opposition as a “weak opposition nourishes a rogue government”.

Deputy President William Ruto added that immediately he assumes office, his government will operationalize the Judiciary Fund to eliminate corruption.

Ruto said the fund will give the judiciary financial independence, offering it teeth to work impartially.

“We do not want them to be managed or be a subject of manipulation. “We want a judiciary that serves all Kenyans justly,” he said.

He said he will build and empower independent institutions that are charged with the fight against corruption.

“This will be the sure way to end corruption in our country,”Ruto said.

He assured the business community that this year’s elections will be peaceful.

“Violence will no longer be part of our political equation.”

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