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Uhuru should delay his Ksh 39M retirement package and instead keep Azimio role

Uhuru should delay taking his Ksh 39M retirement package and instead keep his Azimio role according to Jubilee Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni.

Speaking to local media on Tuesday, 24 January, Jubilee Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni opined that Former President Uhuru Kenyatta could survive without the hefty package, including a Ksh1.32 million monthly pension.

Kioni defended his position by asserting that Uhuru was still instrumental in Azimio and Jubilee Party. 

The former MP for Ndaragua claimed that Uhuru’s expertise was essential in assisting the Azimio in reining in President William Ruto’s government.

Additionally, Kioni argued that Uhuru’s opinion was still important when deciding on issues affecting the country.

“Issues of those personal benefits are things that are supposed to benefit him. The regional leadership requires him… if they are seeing value in him now, why would we as Kenyans want him to hurry him into retirement? Kioni posed

“We have something to benefit from him. He is young and strong, and he is not ailing. He will be required in this country going forward. These people in the office have been unable to take off, not that we want him as the head of state,” Kioni said.

However, Kioni insisted that Uhuru was still within his rights to resign from his position as Azimio Council Chair in order to collect his retirement benefits.

“He is the chairman of Azimio Council, and he is the party leader of Jubilee, and we are happy to have him. I wouldn’t be in a hurry to ask him to relinquish all those things. He can survive and has survived before without all those personal benefits,” 

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“Raila has not taken personal benefits; Kalonzo has not taken personal benefits. They are still useful to this country, so he already has examples and, fortunately, good company. It is a patriotic thing for him not to take,” Kioni added.

According to Section 6 (1) of the Presidential Retirement Benefits Act of 2003, the former president is expected to keep off active politics to access the benefits.

“A retired President or his surviving spouse, as the case may be, shall not be entitled to the whole or any part of the benefits conferred by this Act, on the grounds that the retired President held office in, or actively engaged in the activities of any political party contrary to the provisions of section 6(1),” the Act stipulates.

He would also forfeit government-provided entertainment, housing allowances, office space, vehicles, and full medical coverage due to his commitment to Azimio and Jubilee.

Other advantages Uhuru stands to lose include diplomatic passports, up to four international travels each year, and access to VIP lounges at all Kenyan airports.

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