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Uhuru’s position on Raila’s refusal to recognize Ruto as president; Jubilee SG

Jubilee Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni explains Uhuru’s stance on Azimio party leader Raila’s declaration not to recognize Ruto.

Speaking on Tuesday, January 24, Kioni stated that Uhuru maintained his position that Raila was his leader of choice despite handing over power to Ruto.

However, the Jubilee Secretary General clarified that the Azimio chairman’s role (Uhuru) in the party’s politics was minimal.

“Uhuru made it public that he would hand over power, but Raila was his leader of choice, and he cannot undo the handing over because he does not want to stain his hands.

“When we continue pushing for what we believe in as Azimio, the party leader is Raila Odinga and the activities of the party are dictated more by the party leader and the secretary-general,” Kioni stated.

The Secretary-General stated that Odinga was only required to brief constituent parties and was not required to consult anyone else before making decisions. 

Right before his Kamukunji Rally, Raila met leaders of the Azimio Coalition who backed his message according to Kioni.

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“On January 23, when he got to the airport, we wanted a quick discussion to find out what he was up to and most of our message resonated with his thoughts,” he disclosed.

Kioni denied allegations that there had been unconstitutional attempts to remove Ruto from office.

He emphasized that Uhuru could not undo the peaceful transfer of power and that he did not want to have any blood on his hands.

He also questioned the recent meetings between President Ruto and officials elected on the Jubilee party ticket.

“The behaviour of some of the members of Parliament did not surprise us. Even during the campaigns, we could see people who were conflicted.

“These are people we keep nursing, helping to move on. Maybe later in life, they will stabilize in what they believe in and where they want to belong,” the Secretary-General explained.

The response by Jubilee Secretary General comes Raila declared that he will not recognize William Ruto’s Presidency during the Kamukunji rally. 

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