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Hustlers will soon dump Ruto for Raila; Political analysts

Hustlers will soon dump Ruto for Raila following an onslaught by the Azimio leader on Ruto’s government which could deter the latter’s ambitions.

The opposition leader during the Kamukunji rally urged Kenyans to fight and demand the elimination of the harsh taxes that he claimed were to blame for the soaring costs of essential goods and services.

According to political analysts, Raila’s demands could be consequential to Ruto’s administration in fulfilling his pledges to ‘hustlers’.

A renowned political scientist, Mutahi Ngunyi opined that in the ensuing battle, Ruto had more to lose than Raila.

He particularly warned Ruto against fighting Raila indicating that the Azimio leader had nothing to lose compared to the President who has a country to run. 

“Hustlers are like a pendulum. They will swing to the side that is anti-authority. Do not take the Kamukunji casually. Revolutions start in small installments: Little by Little. Then they acquire a life of their own,” Ngunyi warned.

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Dr. Jane Thuo, a political analyst, backed up his assertions, saying that Odinga’s demands had widespread support and that Ruto’s administration was under pressure to meet Kenyans’ needs.

“Raila will succeed because the public expectations are very high and the government appears unable to meet them while the cost of living continues to hit hard on ordinary Kenyans,” Thuo said.

Javas Bigambo, a governance expert, on the other hand, expressed his concern with Odinga’s seeming departure from his long-standing principles as a constitutional crusader.

“Odinga’s actions depart from the sanctity of constitutionalism and border on mere political rhetoric, the 2010 constitution stipulates that a government cannot be formed in any other way except through elections overseen by a constitutional body(IEBC),” he said.

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