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Raila calls for another mega anti-Ruto rally

Raila calls for another mega rally in Nairobi on Sunday as he steps up his campaign against President William Ruto’s government.

The leader of Azimio has declared that the rally at Jakaranda grounds will be a part of his build-up for his pushback against Ruto’s administration.

Raila could use the Sunday rally to announce strategic measures to push Ruto’s administration to agree to their demands.

Speaking on Monday during the Kamukunji rally, Raila Odinga issued eight decrees after releasing his findings of the August 2022 General Election.

He claimed that the Supreme Court and IEBC were infiltrated by cartels calling for an entire infrastructure and the records of the 2022 elections at the IEBC to be made public and audited by an impartial body.

Raila insisted that he is ready to die fighting for what he termed as his stolen presidential victory.

“On Sunday we will hold a rally at Jakaranda, we have a right to speak to Kenyans, but if they want to jail us, we are even ready,” Raila said.

Raila maintained that he is unafraid of any government retaliation for his plans to hold political rallies all around the nation.

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According to reports, the opposition intended to conduct a rally once a week in Nairobi for the following month before moving on to other key bastion cities throughout the country.

On Tuesday Makadara MP George Aladwa said the opposition coalition will push with its plans to fight for justice after ‘stolen victory’.

“The next few weeks will be decisive for the country, we shall not turn back,” he told the Star.

“We shall hold rallies in every corner of this country.”

The opposition rallies are expected to raise political temperatures months after the country’s divisive presidential election.

However, in response to Raila’s demands, President Ruto has warned that he will not be blackmailed to succumb to what he termed as a push for a handshake.

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