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University students go on rampage after one of their own is attacked by Hyenas

Multimedia University students stage demonstrations after Hyenas attacked and injured one of their colleagues.

Multimedia University students on Tuesday, February 6, shut down traffic on the Magadi route that connects Ongata Rongai and Nairobi. 

This was in response to a hyena attack that left one of the students seriously hurt.

The protesting students blocked the main roadway and set bonfires, making it impossible for traffic to pass. 

The furious students swore not to back down until the issue was resolved and accused the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) of being reluctant to stop the hyena threat.

This comes after on Monday, February 5, two people including a 21-year-old Multimedia University student were attacked by stray hyenas at around 8 pm. 

Following the unfortunate attack, the student was rushed to a hospital in critical condition.

The students while venting their fury over the tragic incident stated it was not the first time that someone had been attacked by stray hyenas. They now want the wild animals contained.

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In a similar scenario in December last year, a section of angry residents of Nyacaba village in Juja Sub-County, blocked a section of Thika Road after a middle-aged woman was mauled to death by hyenas.

While detailing the tragic incident, the locals claimed the woman was on her way to work when she was attacked at around 5 am in Witeithie.

In January this year, KWS officers issued a safety precautionary measure for dealing with hyenas. 

Taking to their X account, the wildlife service noted hyenas were beneficial as they helped clean the ecosystem by getting rid of bones and discarded debris.

“Keep yourself calm when talking to it. Don’t move away until the hyena does and when you do continue to face its direction,” KWS noted.

“Make a loud noise, be aggressive and frightening as if you are going to attack.”

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