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“We will buy Raila using your money”, Ruto’s economic adviser tells Azimio supporters 

Ruto’s economic adviser David Ndii tells off Azimio supporters over demonstrations adding that the government will ‘buy’ Raila.

On Saturday, April 8, economist David Ndii reprimanded Azimio la Umoja supporters who said they would return to the streets if ODM Leader Raila Odinga instructed them to. 

The Azimio supporters claim that the Kenya Kwanza government will understand the plight of Kenyans if there are demos. 

“Sisi kama jeshi la baba tunagoja aseme maadamano ni lini juu hio ndio kitu itafanya mskie maneno,” one of the supportes said. 

In a rejoinder, David Ndii who is Ruto’s economic adviser told the Raila supporters that they would be left in the streets alone if Raila holds a handshake with the government. 

“Boss, we will just buy him with your money and you will get nothing,” he stated. 

Ndii argued that a handshake was possible, especially, considering Kenya’s state of the economy.

“I have news for you. The first obligation of a government is survival and political stability. The more the dynasties foment destabilization, the more we will have to spend on political capital.

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“If push comes to shove, a handshake is always an option. How much do you think that will cost?” He posed. 

Regarding delays in salaries, Ndii explained that cash resources were short in supply due repayment of loans.

“Is public finance that difficult? It’s reported every other day debt service is consuming 60 percent plus of revenue. Liquidity crunches come with the territory. When maturities bunch up, revenue falls short, or markets shift, something has to give. Salaries or default? Take your pick,” Ndii questioned. 

He went on to say that Foreign debt is not the issue but the weekly maturities of domestic debt held by banks and pension funds.

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