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Why Kipruto Kirwa Ditched Ruto For Raila

Kipruto Kirwa ditched Ruto and joined Raila’s led Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition ahead of the August elections.

Ruto’s party, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) suffered a big blow after Kipruto Arap Kirwa defected to Azimio coalition on Sunday, May 29.

Ruto’s allies have said Kirwa’s move was unprecedented as he had not communicated nor shown any signs to defect. 

Kirwa was the UDA’s National Vice-Chairman.

He had served as Cherang’any MP for ten years and as a Cabinet Minister for five years during President Mwai Kibaki’s reign.

Kipruto Arap Kirwa was named UDA’s vice chairman last year during the unveiling of UDA 31 officials to steer Ruto’s political vehicle to campaign for the presidency.

However, Kirwa announced his resignation from Ruto’s party and was received by Raila’s running mate Martha during a political rally at the Mayuba Stadium in Sirisia, Bungoma county. 

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Why Kipruto Kirwa Ditched Ruto

Ruto’s camp, according to the UDA national vice-chairman has no democracy. 

This came after the appointment of Rigathi Gachagua as Ruto’s running mate amid reports that the majority of its members had not settled for Rigathi.

In a statement, Kirwa said,

“Mine has been a journey of two weeks, last Sunday but one, Kenya Kwanza announced their selection of Ruto’s running mate and that was the final indication among many that there was a lack of democracy.’’

“The next day, Raila unveiled Karua as his running mate and for the last 13 days or so I have been thinking about how and why I would stay at a side where democracy was going to be sacrificed?” he stated.

He revealed that he called mate Martha Karua to take him to Raila, saying; “I called Karua and told her to take me to Baba’s side.

Meanwhile, Ruto’s camp has downplayed his move to the Azimio-One Kenya coalition.

Soy MP Caleb Kositany remarked on Citizen TV’s Daybreak Show on Monday that Kirwa’s action did not jeopardize their chances of winning the presidency in the August elections, claiming that he made a terrible mistake.

“I think he has made a very big mistake and he has made those mistakes before but let him be. I think it’s his decision to bolt out but it has no dent on UDA we are soldiering on,” Kositany said.

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