May 22, 2024

2027 election already determined, Ruto to win whether Raila stays in political scene or not- Analyst

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2027 election already determined, Ruto to whether Raila stays in political scene or not- Analyst

Political analyst Arnold Maliba says President Ruto will win in 2027 as election results are already determined

Political analyst Arnold Maliba says President Ruto will win in 2027 as election results are already determined.

According to political analyst Arnold Maliba, the results of the 2027 presidential election have been determined, and President William Ruto will serve a further five years in office regardless of whether Raila Odinga, the leader of the opposition, decides to run for office.

The Kenya Kwanza-allied Strategic Communications Advisor made the bold remarks on Friday during a panel discussion on Citizen TV’s Daybreak show.

The discussion was prompted by discussions regarding Raila’s surprise announcement to vie for the African Union Commission Chairmanship seat, a move that will essentially sideline him from engaging in Kenyan politics, until 2028, should he be successful.

Maliba subsequently highlighted Ruto’s victory over Raila in the 2022 polls despite former President Uhuru Kenyatta backing the former premier’s bid, further suggesting that the outcome foreshadows the results of the 2027 polls.

“Kenya Kwanza is not worried whether Raila stays in the political scene or not. We are not worried because we know that the results of 2027 are already pre-determined. We know that we will win,” he said.

“This is the team that won against the government of the day that had all machinery and everything else. We know how to do politics so we will win.”

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He added that Kenya Kwanza anticipates a victory with a margin of at least 67 percent further highlighting that Kenyans will re-elect Ruto because of how he is transforming Kenya’s economy.

“We have resuscitated the economy, we are now at the level where we are ready for takeoff, by June 2025 the country will be on an upward trajectory,” he said.

Maliba likewise chided a section of the opposition he claims is attempting to convince Raila to abandon his AU ambitions and participate in the 2027 polls in order to secure their individual political agendas

“The only thing we owe Raila is actually to support him. The people who have been hanging on Raila’s coat to get political relevance really want to drag down Raila even at 84 in 2027 they still want to put them there so that they line up behind him. They cannot grow their own strength,” he said. 

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