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Al-Shabaab terrorists blown up into pieces by own explosive

TWO Al-Shabaab terrorists killed by an IED (explosive) they were setting up on the road in Garissa.

In a tragic twist of fate, two suspected Al-Shabaab militants died on the spot after an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) they were planting along Amuma-Liboi Road in Garissa County prematurely went off.

The two terrorists were served a taste of their own when the homemade explosive denoted blowing them up during their covert mission in Dadaab Sub County, killing them on the spot.

North Eastern Regional Commissioner John Otieno said preliminary reports into the incident indicated the terror group was targeting to blow up convoys of vehicles ferrying security personnel along the route when the bomb went off.

Police sources said that the militants from Somalia had developed a habit of setting up bombs along the road to inflict harm on innocent civilians and security agencies in the border county.

Witnesses said the scene of the incident was littered with shrapnel and human body parts, including mutilated limbs, parts of the human digestive system, and tatters of the ragtag militia’s military fatigues.

Police added that multiple militants were involved in the botched operation and that several others escaped with life-threatening injuries when the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) they were planting exploded on them.

“A group of Al-Shabaab militants that was planting an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) along a road in Garissa County, was served a taste of their own medicine when the IED exploded killing two of them on the spot, as others scattered from the scene with life-threatening injuries,” the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said in a statement on Tuesday night.

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“Karma came back on the militants who were targeting innocent civilians and police officers using the road, when the explosive went off delivering instant justice to the Shabaab,” the statement continued.

Security officials also said they found a battery and some wires probably meant to detonate the explosives, saying it was almost impossible to collect or piece up the scattered remains of the deceased terrorists.

“Scattered limbs, parts of the human digestive system and tatters of the ragtag militia’s fatigues littered the scene, demonstrating the level of impact of the explosion. Also found at the scene was a battery and some wires believed to have been part of the explosive,” police said.

Border patrol officers from a nearby police camp visited the scene and confirmed the early morning incident.

The police warned residents to be careful not to tamper with the wire set on the road because it can be an explosive device.

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