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Azimio crafts a grand plan to counter Ruto in 2027

Azimio la Umoja coalition has crafted a grand plan to counter Ruto in 2027 after losing the 2022 general elections.

After a string of defeats, the Azimio party has found itself in an embarrassing situation. 

It lost the race for president and the leadership of the house, and Kenya Kwanza’s efforts to enter its bastions bode ill for further defeat.

Its leader Raila Odinga has also found himself in an awkward position after he unsuccessfully vied for the presidency for the fifth time. 

Odinga will be coming home, and this will only make things worse for Odinga.

After winning the presidency, William Ruto is now enticing Raila’s strongholds with eyes set on the 2027 general elections.

And in a bid to counter the onslaught, Azimio is crafting a grand plan to ensure that the party remains united for the next five years as well as keep off Kenya Kwanza from its strongholds.

In its plan, Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka is now being fronted to be the face of the Azimio coalition. 

He will be groomed as Raila’s alternative for the 2027 battle. 

He has already begun work by keeping the government in check by criticizing and exposing failed promises of the first 100 days in office. 

For instance, Ruto had promised that he would lower food and fuel prices, something that has yet to be done.

Kalonzo has been in politics for over three decades, serving in various powerful government positions, including the vice presidency and ministerial. 

He has asked Raila several times to support him as a presidential candidate.

Officials from the Azimio coalition have revealed that parts of the measures would start being carried out right away, beginning with the screening of candidates for Cabinet Secretary.

Others will hold off until the new administration’s 100 days in office have passed.

One of the numerous commitments President Ruto claimed he would keep during his first 100 days in office was the promise to lower petrol and maize flour prices.

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