British Teenager Mobilizing Funds (Ksh12M) for a Rural Kenyan School

British Teenager Mobilizing Funds (Ksh12M) for a Rural Kenyan School, to purchase laptops for the school.

Jude Bellingham, a British teenager and Borussia Dortmund midfielder, has launched an initiative to help 300 pupils at Miche Bora School in Mombasa county.

Jude told Birmingham Live on Saturday, May 14, that the initiative aims to raise funds for the school to purchase computers in order to improve learning and introduce students to ICT at an early age.

The 18-year-old said his choice to start the drive was influenced by the kids’ socioeconomic position, as the most of them were poor.

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British Teenager Mobilizing Funds Drive

“I’m an 18-year-old footballer playing for Borussia Dortmund and England, and although football is my main passion, I also want to use my talent to help others.

“I am currently very keen to support the 300 children at Miche Bora School in a deprived area of Mombasa, Kenya. The school is run by UK charity, Mustard Seed Project, and the children are very poor,” he stated.

He revealed that he has been supporting the school by raising money to feed them.

“Many of the children only get the food that is provided by the school each day and would otherwise go hungry. Amazingly, your generous donations have made it possible for Mustard Seed Project to feed all the children for the rest of this year,” he remarked.

Jude noted that his generous donation, with support from well-wishers, will help the students gain IT skills.

“Now I would really like to raise money to buy some laptops. The children need IT skills to follow the Kenyan curriculum and then for their life in the future. At present, there are just six laptops in the school and these are used by the teachers, but they need to buy a class set of laptops for use by the children,” Jude told the British media.

So far, he has raised Ksh55,867 for the project but intends to raise over Ksh12 million. 

“Laptops cost around Ksh42,751 (£300) each but a donation of any size would make a difference. I really hope you can help me. Thank you,” he concluded.

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