May 20, 2024

Chebukati cleared top Azimio operatives at Bomas for ‘financial settlement’

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Chebukati cleared top Azimio operatives at Bomas for 'financial settlement'

Chebukati cleared top Azimio operatives to access Bomas for 'financial settlement' according to City lawyer Dunstan Omari

Chebukati cleared top Azimio operatives to access Bomas for ‘financial settlement’ according to City lawyer Dunstan Omari.

Danstan Omari, a political analyst and city lawyer, has questioned how some of the top Azimio operatives were able to enter the National Tallying Center in Bomas.

The lawyer claimed that it was unclear how Azimio La Umoja One Kenya party Secretary General Raphael Tuju and former Attorney General Amos Wako obtained clearance to enter the Bomas of Kenya.

Mr. Omari maintained that only authorized agents wearing unique badges issued by the election commission were permitted to enter tallying centers in accordance with the rules governing access.

“Bomas of Kenya was a restricted area. The only people a returning officer is allowed to interact with, are accredited agents. Tuju and Wako were not accredited agents, how did they get access to go to Bomas?” Omari posed.

Speaking on a morning show with K24 Television, Omari questioned how Tuju and Wako accessed Bomas to see IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukari at midnight.

Before the two drove to Bomas, Omari believes that Chebukati and Azimio had further in-depth conversations.

“There were arrangements before, that made Chebukati allow these people to come in,” Omari claimed.

According to Omari, Chebukati must have had talks with the Azimio team on some ‘financial settlement’ which was supposed to be done by Tuju and Wako.

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“Those arrangements have now come out clearly, the questions Baba has raised are now clear, Chebukati must have had a prior arrangement,” Omari said.

“There must have been arrangements on how much money was to be brought and therefore when Wako and Tuju failed to bring the amount then that goes right to the heart that by virtue of conduct and behavior of Chebukati, there is truth in Baba’s statements.”

The comments by Omari come after Raila claimed that Chebukati and ex-IEBC commissioners Boya Molu and Abdi Guliye visited him at his Karen home with a raft of demands so that they could declare him the winner of the last presidential polls.

The Azimo leader during the Jacaranda rally on Sunday, January 29, challenged Chebukati to come out and explain why they went to his house and what they demanded.

“Chebukati stated that some people tried to bribe him..also, Guliye and Molu. Ask them what did they come to ask me when they visited my house. Inform them that I have photos and I can expose them,” Raila stated. 

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