July 17, 2024

Raila will be Ruto’s worst nightmare; Political analysts

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Raila will be Ruto's worst nightmare; Political analysts

Raila will be Ruto's worst nightmare in the implementation of his ambitious hustler agenda according to political analysts

Raila will be Ruto’s worst nightmare in the implementation of his ambitious hustler agenda according to political analysts.

Azimio leader Raila Odinga will be President William Ruto’s major headache in the implementation of his ambitious hustler agenda.

Ruto had pledged to revive the nation’s economy, lower living expenses, and bring back a reason to the administration of public funds.

However, only five months after taking office, the president is in a difficult political situation since Raila’s Azimio-led opposition poses a threat to ruin his party.

Similarly to his predecessors, who had to deal with Raila’s uprising after the presidential election, Ruto is balancing on a political precipice with his Kenya Kwanza strategy as Raila digs in.

As the opposition looks for popular support to wage what it has dubbed massive resistance against Ruto’s administration, the upcoming weeks will be crucial for their strategy.

According to political analysts, Raila’s fresh path could push Ruto into a corner and trigger a fightback that could hurt the country’s stability and cohesion.

Former Presidential candidate Ekuru Aukot warned that Raila was pursuing a dangerous road that could plunge the country into chaos.

“The direction Azimio is taking is dangerous for the country. There are better ways of seeking justice. Incitement isn’t one of them,” Aukot said.

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At the same time, Aukot urged President William Ruto to focus on the implementation of his agenda for the millions of Kenyans.

“UDA on the hand, must also now focus on delivery as per your plan,” Aukot said.

In the upcoming weeks, Raila intends to launch an aggressive assault against Ruto’s government in an effort to pressure him to the negotiating table.

The leader of Azimio is planning to mobilize his followers to demonstrate against what they have dubbed Ruto’s “impunity” in the selection of new IEBC commissioners.

The Azimio leader is also resisting Kenya Kwanza’s move to do away with subsidies on basic commodities, food, petroleum, and electricity saying the decision has been influenced by international lenders.

“I am ready to die until we get justice,” Raila said on Monday during a rally at Nairobi’s Kamukunji grounds as he launched the opposition resistance against Ruto.

Analysts opine that the planned opposition protests could hurt the government’s programmes and delay the rollout of Kenya Kwanza’s development plan.

In the past, including the political standoff that followed the 2017 polls, the country lost billions of shillings in lost opportunities for investments, slowing down the economy.

“The burden of the 2017 post-election stand-off would amount to billions of shillings that saw the economy nosedive and which took a lot of efforts to rebuild,” warned political analyst Waweru Kithagama.

Analysts say how Ruto navigates the challenges posed by Raila would shape his first term.

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