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Chebukati was the earliest in the office and the last to leave, an insider reveals

While revealing the intrigues in obtaining evidence from IEBC to back Azimio’s claim on election malpractice, Kioni claims Chebukati overstayed in a bid to protect information from the servers.

The Jubilee Secretary-General says the new evidence was presented to them by the whistleblower months after President William Ruto was sworn into office. 

He adds the Azimio Coalition had a limited timeframe to present the evidence needed to dispute the August 9 presidential election results. 

In addition, Kioni noted that the whistleblower took time in gathering the evidence needed to prove Azimio’s legitimacy. 

“The whistleblower will only blow the whistle when things have gone wrong. By the time we were going to court, remember we had only 14 days and so the time was so short. For a whistleblower to put something on the table that convinces people, it takes time and it has taken him that amount of time,” he noted. 

Kioni claimed that the former IEBC chairperson Wafula Chebukati contravened his contractual obligations by extending his stay at the commission in a bid to protect information from the servers. 

“For him (whistleblower) to access these things from the server, it is not something you open freely. You remember Chebukati was supposed to have gone home on November 17, 2022, on terminal leave. Chebukati even reported to work on January 17, 2023. I am being told he was the earliest in the office and the last to leave because he was fearing that something will come out. 

“But this whistleblower must have been more clever than them because he was able to get that information at that time. It is now available for us to consume. It could not have been available to the Supreme Court from any other source other than IEBC. This is why we demanded the IEBC servers to be opened, ” he added. 

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While referencing the 2017 General Election, Kioni noted that the commission gave inadequate reasons for not opening the servers – which reflected the situation in the 2022 post-election period. 

“In 2017, they (Supreme Court) ordered IEBC to open the servers but they declined. They gave us some fake things that the rights are owned by somebody else. 

“Of course, when that was not available from IEBC, we could not do anything within the 14 days. Those who enquired where was the evidence, it was still with Chebukati but he refused to bring it to court and that is why I concur with what our party leader says, he belongs to jail,” demanded Kioni.

While addressing the remarks from the ruling administration, Kioni noted that the Kenya Kwanza coalition questioned the timeliness of the evidence but did not dispute the credibility of the information. 

“We hope that we are not going to get disruptive activity from the government. We have individuals who can analyze data and tell you there is credibility in the information that has been given to us,” he affirmed. 

According to information from the whistleblower, Azimio’s Raila Odinga garnered 8,170,353 votes representing 57.3 percent while Ruto garnered 5,915,973 representing 41.66 percent. 

Data from the IEBC indicated that Ruto won the elections with 50.49 percent of the vote against Raila’s 48.5 percent. 

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