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Daddy Owen mother sends Charlene Ruto special message after home visit

“Let your marriage life blossom and bring forth children,” Daddy Owen message to First Daughter Charlene Ruto after home visit.

Daddy Owen’s mother, Margaret Mwatia sent a special message to President William Ruto’s daughter, Charlene Ruto, after she visited him at her home in Eshieywe, Kakamega, on December 23, 2023.

Andrew Shiroko Shilenje, the secretary of the Abatsotso Cultural Council of Elders, who was present at the introducing ritual, told a local media outlet that Margaret blessed Charlene Ruto.

“Charlene was invited the way we invite a woman who has joined our community as a wife.

“The message from the mother-in-law to the daughter-in-law was very clear…’ let your marriage life blossom and bring forth children,” Shilenje, the insider, claimed in the interview with the media.

He, however, deviated from confirming whether Daddy Owen proposed to Charlene as alleged by many.

Nonetheless, he explained that the traditions held during the ceremony, including how Dady Owen’s mother received Charlene to the gifts she received, pointed at a union.

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Daddy Owen, who separated from his wife, Farida Wambui, declined to confirm whether the two were in a relationship and instead argued that they were business partners and friends.

“2023 was a good year! I thank GOD! I had so many highlights, but the climax, the pinnacle and the crowning moment came at the tail end of the year when Charlene Ruto visited my home in Eshieywe a.k.a Kakamega.”

“We celebrated with songs, dance and ululations! Abhashiere came with their best dancing shoes to whirl to the real Isikuti made from the tough “imbulu” skin! We ate various Abatsotso traditional delicacies. 

Ebhusang’ang’a village was happy. My mum was happy. She loves guests.. and the guests were happy as well!” Owen wrote on his social media pages.

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