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“You can only transform Kenya through breaking the law” – Former Uhuru advisor to Ruto

Former Uhuru advisor and political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi now claims that President William Ruto should break the law to transform the country.

In a statement, Ngunyi asserted that people defied court orders and protested the government of former President Daniel Moi, which is why Kenya is reaping the benefits of multipartism.

Ngunyi insisted that the 1990 Saba Saba protests altered the course of democracy in the nation, but he also emphasized that, had the few people in Kenya not breached the law, the country would have been stuck in a dictatorship similar to that of Rwanda and Uganda.

“Dear Ruto: The only way to transform Kenya is to break the law. If we did not disobey court orders in the Saba Saba of 1990, Kenya would still be a one party dictatorship like Rwanda and Uganda. Damn the law,” he wrote.

The former Uhuru advisor at the same time, acknowledged that he was agreeing with the president’s sustained attacks on the Judiciary accusing it of being corrupt.

He referred his remarks to the firing of 30 judges by former Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs Kiraitu Murungi in 2003.

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“Dear Ruto: You are dead right. The Judiciary is corrupt to the core and from the core. Kiraitu Murungi fired 30 Judges in 2003 for corruption. As the Executive you must drain this swamp. Do it for the PEOPLE despite the people. One man with god is in the majority. Drain the swamp,” he added.

Ngunyi’s remarks follow after President Ruto launched a tirade against the Martha Koome-led Judiciary claiming that corrupt judicial officers were collaborating with corrupt individuals to stall his developmental projects.

The President stressed that his administration will remain hell-bent on ending judicial impunity and ensure that all key projects in his agenda are actualised. 

He also called on the Executive to defy orders that ‘stall’ his development agenda.

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