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State House responds after CJ Koome, LSK criticism of Ruto over Judiciary attack

State House defends President Ruto over Judiciary attacks adding that the push for judicial reforms is unstoppable.

President William Ruto’s campaign for judicial changes is unstoppable, according to the State House, which also chastised the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) for trying to counsel the Head of State on constitutionalism and the independence of the judiciary.

This comes after LSK and CJ Koome called President William Ruto over his public attacks on judicial officers.

LSK President Eric Theuri, in a press address on Wednesday, urged President Ruto to take back his remarks on the Judiciary, vowing to take to the streets for peaceful protests next week.

Chief Justice Martha Koome in her statement called out perceived judicial intimidation by the Executive and urged judges and judicial officials to carry on with their work without fear of reproach or coercion. 

In a show of defiance, Ruto declined to give in to CJ Koome and LSK warnings and instead reiterated that the Judiciary harbours rogue elements out to sabotage his legacy.

In a subsequent statement by Spokesperson Hussein Mohamed, the State House intimated that the advice by LSK was not necessary as the President has consistently upheld the rule of law and respected court orders, even in regard to his affordable housing pet project.

“As a believer in the Constitution, President Ruto recognizes the imperative to lead by example in defending our constitutional values. This includes shielding innocent citizens from judicial misconduct perpetrated by corrupt officers colluding with vested interests.”

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Mohamed added: “Corruption, whether within the Judiciary, the Executive or the Legislature and, indeed, among the general public must not find refuge behind the shield of judicial independence. It is our duty to expose and hold accountable those who engage in corrupt practices whoever they may be and wherever they are.”

According to the State House Spokesperson, it would be a dereliction of the President’s oath of office and a betrayal of the people’s mandate to allow their hopes and aspirations to be obstructed by corruption and impunity.

“We are back to the clamor for judiciary reforms last witnessed during President Mwaki Kibaki’s tenure when it was said: ‘Why pay for a lawyer’s services when you can pay a judge?’ We must never allow the return of such impunity in Kenya,” Mohamed added.

“The Executive is mandated to deliver to the people after an election. Should the President fulfill commitments to the people and their needs, or should the Executive seek concurrence from the Judiciary to deliver on what the people voted for?”

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