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Defense Cabinet Nominee Aden Duale faults Uhuru Kenyatta for using KDF to run key functions of government

Aden Duale faults former President Uhuru Kenyatta for militarizing key functions in government.

Aden Duale, a nominee for the defense cabinet, has criticized President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration for militarizing key government functions.

Aden Duale argued before the National Assembly’s selection committee that it was fundamentally wrong to hand over some duties to the military, including those of the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS).

“It was wrong to bring key generals to run civilian authorities like NMS which is a devolved function and Kenya Meat Commission which will need to look at,” he stated.

The Defense Cabinet Secretary nominee warned that the tendency needs to be checked to ensure that the military authorities as well as civilian authorities operate within their mandate in the constitution.

“If that is not checked, you will find a general becoming the clerk of the National Assembly. Let everyone remain in the place the Constitution envisaged,” Duale said.

“When this administration is fully in the office, we will tell everybody to go back to where he belongs,” he added.

While appearing before the vetting committee, Duale also revealed that he is worth Sh851 million.

He attributed most of his wealth to pastoralism where he keeps flocks.

“This is including the assets that I own which include the sheep, and camels. I had to go and value my 231 camels somewhere in Kitui County which brings the total to Sh851 million,” he stated.

From his assets, the former Garrisa Township MP receives Sh10 Million annually.

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