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Details of the stormy meeting between parliament and SRC over salary increase

SRC has stood its ground over increasing the salaries of the members of parliament.

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) has maintained its decision to scrap the Ksh8.7 billion sitting allowance for Members of Parliament.

The Ksh710,000 pay allocated for legislators, according to SRC chairperson Lyn Mengich, is sufficient for the elected officials.

The SRC chairperson added that the capped salary was arrived at after considering the mandate of the lawmakers.

“Your basic pay of Ksh710,000 takes into account all the functions that are discharged in line with the constitutional provisions of oversight, representation, and lawmaking.

“It includes what you do in plenary sessions, committee meetings and even visiting your constituency. It’s all an inclusive pay that speaks to the entire role,” Mengich told MPs.

The stand of SRC comes after a contentious five-hour meeting between the commission and the MPs.

The legislators asked SRC to reconsider their salary in the meeting on Wednesday, September 21, claiming it was insufficient for their national mandate.

The rights to have cars with more than 3000cc and car grants were two further demands made by the legislators.

In response, SRC argued that raising the 3000cc cap would be expensive for taxpayers due to excessive fuel use and expense.

The commission did, however, say that it will discuss the car grants with the parliamentary leadership.

The decision by SRC to cap MPS salaries saw some of the legislators threaten to cut the commission’s budget if it failed to heed their demands.

Despite sitting allowance being scrapped, the MPs are entitled to committee allowances with the maximum amount capped at Ksh120,000.

“For MPs, it’s actually above that. From the Gazette Notice, the pay was Ksh710,000 before we add the allowances for committee sittings which adds up to a maximum of Ksh120,000, translating to Ksh830,000.” Lyn Mengich stated in August 2022. 

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