May 24, 2024

Dp Ruto’s Speech at Kibaki’s Burial almost disrupted after Rowdy Woman Ran To VIP Dias [VIDEO]

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Dp Ruto’s Speech at Kibaki’s Burial was almost disrupted after a Rowdy Woman Ran To VIP Dias.

Deputy President William Ruto’s speech at the late former President Mwai Kibaki’s burial on Saturday, April 30 was almost disrupted after a lady stormed from the crowd and made her way running to the podium.

The lady who was not immediately identified maneuvered through the gathering as Ruto addressed the gathering.

She was however stopped just steps from the podium by security details and quickly whisked away allowing Ruto to continue with his speech.

Rowdy woman almost disrupts Dp Ruto’s speech at Kibaki burial

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Ruto had earlier received wild cheers from the mourners at Approved School in Nyeri where the burial service was held.

The incident comes just a day after, another incident of a security breach was witnessed during the State Funeral service at Nyayo National Stadium moments after President Uhuru Kenyatta delivered his speech.

Allan Makanda, a young guy, approached the stage and asked Archbishop Anthony Muheria, who was leading the session minutes, to address the mourning.

The self-proclaimed Kibaki’s grandson was taken away, with Muheria begging that the officers handle him with care.

“He is a Kenyan and a son of our nation. He is emotional at the loss of our President. Treat him well,” Muheria pleaded. Images of security officers manhandling Makanda would later emerge.

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