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“Eat GMOs, they won’t harm you,” Ruto says as he rules out quick fixes on the cost of living

Ruto defends his decision to lift the ban on genetically modified organisms-GMOs as a short-term plan to fix the high cost of living.

President William Ruto on Wednesday, January 4 ruled out any quick fixes to the high cost of living while castigating those who have opposed his plan to introduce genetically modified foods in the country.

Ruto who was speaking at State House Nairobi during a media interview revealed that he was a scientist himself and that GMOs were safe for Kenyans.

“Who told you GMO was unsafe, it is just less than one percent GMO, our food is already GMO,

“As the leader in this country I cannot oversee the consumption of bad food for Kenyans who elected me, he added.

“I am equally a scientist, and all scientists and universities in Kenya agree that GMOs have no issues, countries like South Africa, and America have 100% GMO,”

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“Have you heard of anyone growing horns in South Africa, or developing extra limbs because of consuming GMOs?” he posed.

The president claimed that the anti-GMO propaganda was simply an effort by opponents to stop the country from producing adequate food for its people.

Ruto declared that his goal was to prevent Kenyans from dying of hunger.

“My intention is to ensure we eradicate the high cost of living and solve the perennial issue of Kenyans dying of hunger 60 years after independence,” he observed.

“This is an indictment on us as leaders,” he added.

On the cost of living Ruto said his government’s efforts to lower the cost of living were already bearing fruit, saying that the price of Unga had reduced since he took office. He said that he has been successful in eliminating “cartels” who had been responsible for inflating Unga prices.

“Last year, the price of Unga was Sh230, a record that has never been seen before… the average cost is currently Sh190,” the president said.

Ruto has faced criticism over the ballooning cost of living, characterized by high food and energy prices. 

His campaign last year was almost solely based on fixing the ailing economy, lowering the cost of food, and creating employment.

A short-term plan to ease the cost of living includes fertiliser subsidies to increase agricultural production and eventually resulting in lower food prices.

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