May 24, 2024

Government publishes new rules blocking diploma graduates from specific jobs

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Government publishes new rules blocking diploma graduates from specific jobs

Government through Lands CS in new amendments blocks diploma graduates from Ksh750M projects in construction industry (jobs)

Government through Lands CS in new amendments blocks diploma graduates from Ksh750M projects in construction industry (jobs).

Lands Cabinet Secretary Zachary Njeru has published new amendments to the National Construction Authority Act of 2011 that provide guidelines for the registration of construction technicians and their engagement in construction jobs’works.

Due to their expertise and educational background, some contractors would be excluded from multi-million projects under the amended regulations released on Tuesday.

For instance, only construction professionals with a bachelor’s degree would work on projects costing Ksh 750 million and above.

On the other hand, building contractors with degrees would be permitted to work on projects worth between Ksh100 million and Ksh500 million.

Certificate holders will undertake projects valued at Ksh50 million while those with trade certification will undertake projects with a value of Ksh20 million and below.

“The main objective of the National Construction Authority [Amendment) Regulations 2023 is to reflect current best practices, qualifications and standards in view of the developments in the construction industry,” read the notice in part.

“Specifically, the implementation of the National Construction Authority (Amendment! Regulations 2023 will place more emphasis on experience-based evidence for registration whilst the previous criteria were document-based. This will enable the Authority to validate the technical competencies of applicants.” 

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Civil Engineering Works 

Engineers with a bachelor’s degree will undertake projects valued between Ksh1.2 to Ksh2.5 billion. Their diploma counterparts will not undertake projects exceeding the Ksh750 million tag.

Certificate engineers had a cap of Ksh50 million put on them as those with Trade Test qualifications can only take projects worth Ksh20 million and below.

Electrical Engineering Services

The guidelines provide regulations for workers engaged in building activities involving the installation of electrical works on a building.

Bachelor Degree holders will be allowed to undertake projects above Ksh75 million while their diploma counterparts were limited to projects between Ksh10 to 40 million.

Mechanical Engineering Services

The category targets technicians engaged in works such as plumbing, installation of air conditioners and installation of lists.

Notably, certificate and trade test experts are disqualified from undertaking such projects. 

Those with Bachelor’s degrees will undertake projects above Ksh75 million. Diploma holders will on the other hand undertake projects valued between Ksh10 million to Ksh40 million.

On the construction of swimming pools, only degree holders will undertake projects above Ksh 30 million. Diploma holders will undertake similar project jobs valued between Ksh5 to Ksh15 million.

Affected Kenyans have been urged to provide their opinion on the proposals in the next 14 days.

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