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Ruto, Raila teams finally agree on opening the election servers

Ruto team supports a proposal by Raila and his allies to have a law in place so that election servers are opened conclusion of a general election.

In a rare show of concurrence, both teams argue that the law would help end the victimization of Kenyans, especially the electoral officers.

Appearing before the National Dialogue Committee President William Ruto’s allies said the election servers should be opened after the conclusion of a general election.

“I totally agree with this proposal that we need to make it law that servers be immediately opened after the election so that we conclude these elections conclusively,” said EALA MP Hassan Omar.

“We do not need to repeat ourselves constantly that after every election we are vilifying IEBC staff and Kenyans…in the lead up to the elections we are intimidating them, we are kidnapping them and we are murdering them,” he added.

Former Busia Senator Amos Wako had in his submission, called for a law to be enacted so that it becomes automatic for the servers to be opened.

“The question as to whether the servers should be opened or not has been a public debate for some time now, the more the debate goes on the more suspicions are created or raised that where there is smoke there is fire,” he said.

“This has left a doubt on the minds of people that it may not be that the figures in the portal are different from the figures in the server but it could be so and this may repeat itself in the next election.” 

“The law should be enacted to make servers automatically opened and accessible to everyone after the presidential results which are the final announced…this will even help those who want to file petitions,” said Wako.

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Maintaining that a forensic audit of the 2022 general election must be undertaken, the former AG said if the doubts being held by Kenyans on the results are not cleared, then it could erode confidence in future elections.

The audits of elections, Wako said, should be held after every general election so that “we can improve our electoral systems”.

“Therefore, we want to know the shortcomings, weaknesses, and loopholes which should be rectified before the next election,” he said.

According to Wako, election observers have affirmed that the tallying, and tabulation of the votes at the polling stations was above aboard but the declaration of the final results was messed up.

“The audit is like a post-mortem which cannot revive the dead body but can help tell the cause of the death,” he said.

“Therefore, we want to know the shortcomings, weaknesses, and loopholes which should be rectified before the next election.” 

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