June 18, 2024

Government reveals millions spent on Kelvin Kiptum’s house

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Government reveals millions spent on Kelvin Kiptum's house

Housing PS Charles Hinga says government spent Sh 7 million to put up the late Kelvin Kiptum's house

Housing PS Charles Hinga says government spent Sh 7 million to put up the late Kelvin Kiptum’s house.

Speaking to the press, Housing and Urban Development Principal Secretary Charles Hinga revealed that the precasting technology used was cost-effective and time-conscious.

“The contractor adopted modern precast or prefabricated technology and light gauge steel in the construction of the house at a cost of KSh 7 million. This technology which is gaining popularity across the world, allows constructors to fabricate concrete components off-site. Not only is it faster, but it is considered a cost-effective alternative to the brick-and-mortar walling system,” Hinga stated.

Hinga revealed that the engineers on site strived to beat up the seven-day deadline, and had to put up with the criticism by Kenyans.

But he was proud that the finished product disapproved of the naysayers.

“It’s been seven long nights. At some point just as many Kenyans who were trolling it I was of course I got a lot of messages and photos sent to me and at some point, I was also a bit worried whether the end product would actually turn out to be this good. I am very happy,” he stated.

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While observing curiosity from Kenyans, the PS said the prefabricated technology was not new.

He explained that the outside world had adopted it in construction houses, shelving the traditional methodology of construction works.

Addressing the queries of durability, lead contractor Navin Patel said the small abode would be up for years, borrowing an example from his own house which he revealed was still standing strong 10 years on.

The keys to the fully-furnished three-bedroom house were handed to Kiptum’s widow, Asenath Rotich.

Kiptum’s house was undertaken within seven days with workers working day and night shifts to beat the deadline set by President William Ruto. 

Many Kenyans had trolled the three-bedroom house with some online users questioning whether it would meet the standards expected.

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