May 20, 2024

I owe the team my focus for now but anything can happen, Chelsea top defender

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Chelsea top defender, Antonio Rudiger insists he owes Chelsea his focus until the end of the season amid contract talks.

 Despite his ongoing contract predicament, Antonio Rudiger insists he is “totally committed” to the club.

Since Thomas Tuchel took over as manager last year, the German international has been a regular in Thomas Tuchel’s first squad, and he appears to have improved this season.

The fact that his current contract is set to expire in the summer will be a source of anxiety for supporters, especially given the 28-year-frequent old’s ties to Real Madrid.

The Chelsea top defender while speaking to Sky Sports, insisted that he was still focused on helping Chelsea end the season strongly.

When asked about his current condition, Rudiger stated, “Fully committed like always.”

“At the end of the day, the discussions are between my team and the club.”

“I find it easy to do since these are not only words that I’m saying,” the defender said when asked how he managed with playing such a key role while balancing talks.

“I’m completely committed to the cause.” “I believe I’ve demonstrated it because there have been worse times than this.” So it’s simple for me because I’m focused on what’s going on on the pitch.

“Everyone here at the club owes it to me.” That’s why I’m only thinking on the crucial things: my coach, my teammates, and my family.”

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