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KDF soldier kills self after setting his house ablaze inside barracks​​

KDF (Kenya Defence Forces) soldier burns beyond recognition after setting his house ablaze inside Gilgil barracks.

A 36-year-old Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldier died on Monday after setting his house on fire inside Gilgil barracks, Nakuru County.

According to a police report filed under O/B 03/25/09/2023, the incident happened on Monday night after the serviceman had completed his regular duty.

His colleagues, who were passing by, rushed to the scene after detecting smoke coming from the officer’s house to help put off the fire. 

However, efforts to salvage any household items were futile as the damage had already been done.

The officer was burnt beyond recognition while household items of unknown value were reduced to ashes.

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Police have since started an inquiry with preliminary investigations indicating that the KDF officer had a history of alcoholism and domestic issues.

This instance highlights the significant difficulties faced by law enforcement officials in demanding and high-stress workplaces, which can have a negative impact on their mental health.

One in ten police personnel struggle with mental health disorders, according to the National Police Service Commission’s (NPSC) most recent statistics. 

This issue is a result of the extreme stress of their working environments, the management styles of their superiors, and problems with their families.

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