Kenya To Import 150,000 Tonnes of Wheat From Serbia To Fill Russia and Ukraine Gap

Kenya To Import 150,000 Tonnes of Wheat From Serbia To Fill Russia and Ukraine Deficit In Wake of Russia Invasion.

Serbia is seeking to ship at least 150,000 tonnes of wheat to Kenya in order to fill the void left by Russia and Ukraine following their war.

Dargan Zupanjevac, Serbia’s ambassador to Kenya, said the country has held negotiations with millers and the Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC) about exporting grain to Kenya to avoid a supply shortage.

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“We want to see if Serbia can step in to fill the supplies from Russia and Ukraine by exporting wheat to Kenya to avoid a supply crisis that Kenya could face in the coming months,” said Mr Zupanjevac.

Serbia is one of the top wheat producers in the world ranking among the top 50 countries in terms of yields per year.

Kenya relies on wheat from Ukraine and Russia, importing a third of all the produce required to meet the local needs.

Serbia in March announced a temporary ban on exports of wheat and other commodities.

Kenya is likely to benefit once the restrictions are lifted.

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