June 14, 2024

Kumbe hamna sera? Atwoli’s wife Mary Kilobi, hits out at Ruto allies

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Atwoli’s wife Mary Kilobi, has warned Ruto allies from attacking her in rallies and to instead focus on selling their agendas.

Mary Kilobi Atwoli fired back at allies of deputy president William Ruto for attacking her in their political rallies.

In a statement on Wednesday on her Instagram page, the KTN News anchor warned the Kenya Kwanza Alliance against invoking her name in their speeches.

“It’s hilarious that some politicians, the likes of Rashid Echesa and Didmus Barasa have continuously made this KILOBI name inseparable with their manifesto in their rallies,” she stated.

Kilobi then expressed her displeasure with the leaders for using her as a punching bag in an attempt to settle political scores with her husband, Atwoli.

The TV journalist requested that the team concentrate on selling their message to Kenyans rather than constantly denigrating her, despite the fact that she is not a political figure.

Instead of criticizing her, Atwoli’s wife Mary Kilobi advised the leaders to use the rallies to promote their development program.

“I know it sounds really nice but Kenyans are eager to hear the “great plans” you purport to have for them. Kumbe hamna sera? Uza Sera wadau wachana na Kilobi. She’s not a politician neither do I have plans of contesting,” Kilobi said.

She added: “Ironically most guys who shout the loudest about Kilobi the “25-year-old” have been frequent visitors in Kajiado. And by the way mkae mkijua kejeli zenu zinanijengea ushuhuda wa kishindo!”

DP Ruto’s rallies in Western Kenya, political rallies made constant attacks at the Cotu boss who on Monday lashed out at the deputy president, saying he won’t make it to the top seat.

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