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Miguna Miguna plan to liberate Luo-Nyanza from Odinga family

Miguna Miguna has said he plans to liberate the Luo-Nyanza region from the political grasp of the Odinga family.

Miguna, who was speaking on NTV, was vehement in his disdain and antagonism to Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio la Umoja, and vowed to “liberate” the Luo-Nyanza political bloc and overthrow the Odingas, who have held political dominance since independence.

In the interview on Friday, Dr. Miguna stated that his goal is to liberate Luo Nyanza since the Odingas have long dominated the region’s political scene.

According to him, Nyanza citizens have been actively involved in the fight for democracy.

“In the past, schools in Luo Nyanza were doing very well. Kenyans recognized that Luos stood for something as a nation. They stood for the bill of rights before we had the new Constitution, they fought for democracy,” he said.

Miguna Miguna who returned from exile in Canada on October 20, accuses Raila Odinga of corrupting the same values the Nyanza voting bloc stood for.

 “Without any regard for personal, parochial interests…the only thing that matters to Raila is money and power,” he claimed.

He claimed that Raila’s drive for power had deteriorated the region’s economic, social, and cultural morals.

The entire economic, social, and cultural morality of Luo- Nyanza have been destroyed in the pursuit of one individual’s quest for power, according to Mr. Miguna. “It is not just the intellectual principles, the integrity element of it,” he continued.

For the benefit of future generations, the lawyer feels he has a duty to right these wrongs.

“I have a duty and responsibility as a citizen of the Republic of Kenya to right the wrongs in order for future generations to live in prosperity, peace, and tranquility… I would be essential to the emancipation of the Luo people and of Kenya in general, he declared.

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