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How Ruto plans to make KBC Kenya’s leading TV station

Ruto plans to rebrand and make KBC -Kenya Broadcasting Corporation Kenya’s leading TV station according to ICT CS Nominee Eliud Owalo

Information, Technology, and Digital Economy Cabinet Secretary (CS) nominee Eliud Owalo has revealed that he intends to rebrand and rename the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) to Voice of Kenya. 

On Friday, October 21, Owalo said before the vetting committee that President Wiliam Ruto’s administration had plans to revitalize KBC operations by rebranding the TV station to conform to contemporary market norms.

He believed that providing it a national perspective with its original name, Voice of Kenya (VOK), was crucial.

The government was eager to use ICT to re-engineer KBC TV programs to meet the standards and preferences of viewers, the former Raila Odinga strategist stated.

“Something needs to be done about KBC. It is ironical that KBC, with its strong brand and wide network of infrastructure, is today punching below its weight in the marketplace,” Owalo told the committee.

The ICT CS nominee further revealed plans to rejuvenate KBC by investing in new infrastructure benchmarked from the best media houses in the world.

“I promise without fear of contradiction that the issue of KBC will not be one of the thematic areas of a key of intervention, but I would also want to be held accountable by virtue of having a very clear performance indicator as far as turning KBC is concerned,” Owalo vowed.

Besides the infrastructure, Owalo gave assurance that KBC would hire top personnel and pay them competitive compensation and benefits under his leadership.

Owalo noted that the government had established plans to evaluate the remuneration architecture while also taking job evaluation procedures into consideration in order to attract top talent.

He insisted that KBC would get its groove back and compete in the international media market.

The TV station changed its name in June 2021 and hired some seasoned presenters, including Fred Indimuli, the late Badi Muhsin, and Catherine Kasavuli.

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