Mt Kenya foundation break silence after Ruto’s declaration as President-Elect

Mt Kenya foundation (business tycoons) have spoken for the first time after Ruto’s declaration as President-Elect

The powerful Mt. Kenya business tycoons spoke for the first time since the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission – IEBC declared William Ruto President-elect in the just concluded general election.

The Mt Kenya foundation rallied their support for Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga in the August elections.

The tycoons who make up the prestigious Mt. Kenya Foundation spoke at a meeting for reconciliation as they tried to reunite the split mountain following a bruising election battle.

According to the chairman of the foundation, Peter Munga, they backed Raila Odinga because of his ability to steer Kenya on the correct path, not because of a class war.

“There is no competition, only preference. We felt that Mr. Odinga was a better candidate than his competitors, not that we were pushing for class wars or competing against our people.

“We’ve had several multi-party general elections in which Mt Kenya had several contestants. After the exercise is concluded, we’ve never come out divided since what unites is stronger than politics, and it’s no different in this particular election,” Munga stated.

He argued that the region must never be split over a singular event and that it is time for it to come together.

Munga, who supported Raila in his campaign to take over Central Kenya, is now urging the residents of Mt. Kenya to band together for the good of the neighborhood as they wait for the Supreme Court’s decision on the presidential election petition.

In addition to obtaining support from the Foundation, Odinga chose Martha Karua as his running mate in an effort to win over voters and prevent Ruto from ascending the political mountain.

According to the results of the August 9 elections, Odinga did not receive the boost he required to combat the UDA wave that stormed across the region and ousted political heavyweights and veterans.

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