May 24, 2024

Nakuru Woman Who Rejected Uhuru’s House Gift Now Crying For Help

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Nakuru woman who rejected Uhuru’s house gift is now crying for help saying she’s homeless; asks one more favour from Uhuru.

During the Kenya Defence Forces celebrations in 2014, a primary school student named Dennis Ngaruiya surprised President Uhuru with a hilarious poem that he delivered in front of him. 

Ngaruiya was welcomed to the White House with her mother, Damaris Wambui, simply for making the president laugh.

The president pledged to construct a new home for the family and cover Ngaruiya’s university costs. 

Surprisingly, Damaris Wambui rejected the house when it was completed in 2019 on a quarter-acre plot of ground in Bahati Constituency, claiming it was ‘too tiny’ to come from a president.

The house was built on orders from President Uhuru Kenyatta for the Nakuru woman.

However, Wambui and her son continued to live in a single room mud-walled house with her son for which she paid Sh1,200 rent every month.

The house Nakuru woman Ms Wambui lives in

She survived by doing laundry, knitting sweaters, and farm jobs in the neighbourhood.

Mrs. Wambui is now crying out again asking for help. 

The house she allegedly rejected

Speaking to the Media, she said that he situation has worsened and she is now homeless.

Mrs. Wambui said that the people that the president mandated with overseeing his promise forced her to turn down the gift. 

Wambui claimed that the house was substandard and constructed using waste paper.

“First they didn’t want me to know where the house had been built. After being assisted by Lanet Chief Kariuki to locate the house, they began threatening me,” she said.

Mrs. Wambui claims that a threat was put on her son’s life and her own.” I chose my son’s life and decided to reject the gift as they demanded,” said Wambui.

Later, the two-bedroom house was handed over to a new family. Her son Dennis has never joined college since completing high school in 2019.

“When I called Mr. Wanjohi (Uhuru’s aid), he said that the sponsorship had also been withdrawn and I should look for the boy’s father,” she said.

Ms. Wambui now wants the president to follow up the deal personally as she accused his aides of forcing her to reject the president’s gift. 

“I just want him to know that I never joined college as he promised,” said the boy, Dennis Ngaruiya.

Statehouse spokesperson Kanze Dena downplayed the issue saying it had been overtaken by events. 

She could not confirm whether the scholarship has been withdrawn.

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