May 20, 2024

Okoth Obado distances himself from his children’s actions in the scandal Case

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Okoth Obado has denied responsibility for his children’s actions in Ksh.73M scandal case, saying ‘they’re adults.’

The Migori Governor distanced himself from accusations leveled against him and his children over the alleged embezzlement of county funds.

Through his children, the governor is accused of obtaining an indirect private interest of Ksh.73,474,376.90 from the county government.

On Tuesday, the governor appeared before the Milimani Law Courts to deny the claims, describing them as unfounded rumours spread by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC).

“If any monies were embezzled, fraudulently and illegally obtained from the county government of Migori as alleged, then I was not involved and had no knowledge of such schemes,” said Obado in court papers.

“I neither took part nor benefitted from any such schemes or arrangements and I put EACC to strict proof to prove otherwise.”

The governor further claimed that he should not be involved in any inquiries into how his children came to own the disputed property registered in their names, which EACC claims was obtained by the county head.

“I am not responsible for the acts or omissions of my grown-up children well past the majority age. It is ludicrous for EACC to heap responsibility on me for things allegedly done by other adult persons, where the only nexus is parenthood,” said Obado.

Okoth Obado also denied any ties to businessman Jared Oluoch Kwaga, whom the EACC accuses of stealing money from the government as Obado’s proxy through fraudulent contracts.

While studying in Australia, Scotland, and the United Kingdom, Obado’s children allegedly pocketed Ksh.38,949,376.90, which they used to buy two high-end vehicles and a house in Lavington.

The EACC wants the governor, his children, and Kwaga to hand over any assets allegedly obtained from the scam proceeds, including automobiles and a house.

Evelyn and Susan Obado, Obado’s daughters, have refuted the allegations, alleging that the money wired to their accounts came from their elder brother Dan’s business ties with Kwaga.

They claimed that they are victims of persecution because of their father’s political affiliation.

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