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Presidential hopeful George Wajackoyah promises to reduce official working days to four if elected 

George Wajackoyah; a presidential hopeful in the forthcoming general elections has promised to reduce official working days to four if elected.

Professor George Wajackoyah officially launched his bid to become Kenya’s fifth president in the August 9 general election. 

On Saturday, February 12, the lawyer launched his candidacy at the Nairobi-based Diamond Plaza, revealing that he will run for president on the Roots Party of Kenya ticket.

Wajackoyah has promised to cut Kenya’s official working days to four from Monday to Thursday.

He claims that this will enable Muslims to pray on Fridays and Christians to worship on Saturdays and Sundays.

George Wajackoyah on legalizing bhang 

Wajackoyah announced that the legalization of bhang will be at the top of his agenda if he succeeds President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He said that the money from the marijuana sale would be used to pay off Kenya’s massive international debts after the country severed ties with China, Kenya’s largest creditor.

People who smoke the plant live longer, he noted.

George Wajackoyah on administration

If elected president, the former street urchin promised to appoint eight prime ministers to oversee the abolished provinces to replace county commissioners.

He also stated that if he is elected, he will suspend the Constitution for the first six months to allow Kenyans to choose the type of constitution they want.

In addition, he stated that his government will repatriate indigenous people to their natural habitat. For example, he stated that he will review Chinese work licenses.

Because of his extensive knowledge of immigration law, the presidential candidate will serve as both the head of state and the Minister of Immigration during his government.

In addition, if he is elected to the top seat, the lawyer has promised to abolish blue police uniforms and raise their salaries.

Finally, Wajackoyah stated that media houses would be owned by journalists rather than other business owners under his leadership.

He also stated that he will ensure that all media professionals are well remunerated.

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